Focused on clinically relevant pharmaceuticals that add value to patient care

Our products

Verity focuses on specialty pharmaceuticals that are well entrenched in treatment protocols and in demand by physicians, for their patients. We are currently in the process of filing several drug dossiers with Health Canada in the following areas:


Verity will be launching IV Fosfomycin, a hospital based intravenous antimicrobial agent targeted at the treatment of multi-drug resistant pathogens in the Canadian hospital environment. IV Fosfomycin has been granted priority review status by Health Canada and is now on an expedited path towards approval. Verity is also investigating other therapeutically relevant products within the infectious disease category.


Verity is relaunching Phenazopyridine, an anti stringent   for use within urinary tract infection management. A licensing agreement with Bausch Canada (formerly Valeant Canada) will allow the companies to update the approved Phenazopyridine DIN with Health Canada and provide patients with this effective pain relief agent.

Verity has licensed the oral fertility drug Clomiphene Citrate for re-introduction to the Canadian healthcare community. Physicians and patients have expressed their desire to regain access to this clinically effective and safe fertility product.


Verity will be launching a diagnostic agent for use in genitourinary surgery. Currently, the regulatory pathway with our drug dossier for Health Canada is being developed and finalized.


Verity will be launching two antineoplastic agents used in the treatment of adenocarcinomas and other numerous cancers. We are currently discussing the regulatory pathway of our drug dossier with Health Canada.


Verity will also be launching two therapeutically relevant ophthalmic products and is looking into several other opportunities as we continue towards development of a solid Ophthalmology portfolio.


Verity is actively negotiating with global pharmaceutical companies on in-licensing targeted agents that our scientific advisory board have identified as therapeutically relevant and have undergone short supply or are at risk of being in short supply in the Canadian market.