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Legal Counsel

Verity Pharmaceuticals is pleased to work with Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP as our Canadian corporate legal counsel. Our primary contact is Joseph Garcia, Partner. (


Corporate Compliance

Verity Pharmaceutical’s Compliance Program represents strict compliance with the Laws of Canada, best-in-class policies and guidance recommendations for Pharmaceutical companies, and a culture of ethical standards that all our Verity colleagues follow. Our corporate training programs have been designed to go beyond compliance, with a process of transparency which all Verity team members are directed to employ. All Verity team members are expected to take ownership of compliance and to perform all tasks with integrity. We continuously scrutinize our internal practices and have put into place procedures for taking immediate action when we identify potential violations. Verity has an Open Door Policy for team members to utilize and a compliance officer that will act as an ombudsman for employees, vendors, customers and those who do business with our organization.

Some of the Verity corporate policies that provide our colleagues with guidance around their conduct of day-to-day operations include the following:

Code of Ethics

Whistle Blower Policy


To contact the Verity Compliance Officer, email: