Verity Pharmaceuticals acquires Pendopharm’s rights to commercialize ZEULIDE DEPOT™ for the Canadian oncology community.

Toronto, Ontario (June 27, 2019) — Verity Pharmaceuticals Inc. is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Pendopharm, a division of Pharmascience Inc., that will see Verity market and sell Zeulide Depot™ (Leuprolide acetate for depot suspension) to the Canadian healthcare community. Under the terms of the agreement, Pendopharm has divested all of its rights pursuant to an Exclusive License and Supply Agreement with GP Pharm, S.A. to commercialize on an exclusive basis Zeulide Depot™ 3.75 mg and 22.5 mg formulations in Canada. GP Pharm of Barcelona, Spain is the owner and manufacturer of the product. Zeulide Depot™, a Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone (LHRH) Analog is indicated for the palliative treatment of advanced and/or metastatic prostate cancer.


An important option for oncologists

“Collaborating with the team at Pendopharm has been an excellent experience. We appreciate all of the efforts they have undertaken in order to gain Health Canada approval for Zeulide Depot™. Verity will enhance its Urology portfolio by providing the uro-oncology community with a safe, clinically proven, cost effective treatment option for a disease that has become the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Canadian men.” – Howard Glase, CEO Verity Pharma


A proven treatment for prostate cancer

“1 in 7 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. LHRH therapy such as Zeulide Depot™ is a proven option for the treatment of prostate cancer. Leuprolide acetate, the active ingredient in Zeulide Depot™, is delivered through a patented controlled-release technology, changing the patient’s hormone levels to create an environment that helps inhibit cancer growth.” – Dr. Neil Fleshner MD, MPH, FRCSC, Verity Scientific Advisory Board


About Pendopharm

Pendopharm, a division of Pharmascience Inc., is strategically committed to growth and is actively engaged in licensing, partnering, developing, and marketing specialty prescription medicines. For more information, please visit “Verity’s emerging portfolio of urology and uro-oncology products makes them a strong ally and the right fit for Zeulide Depot™. We look forward to many successes together in the years ahead.” – Jean-Francois Lemieux, VP & General Manager Pendopharm, Division of Pharmascience Inc.


About GP Pharm

Founded in 2000, GP Pharm is a privately held pharmaceutical company located in Barcelona, Spain. Specializing in injectable peptide-based products primarily within the therapeutic areas of oncology and urology, GP Pharm uses microsphere and liposome based technological platforms to achieve controlled depot delivery of therapeutic substances. The company is responsible for development of these drugs from the start of R&D to pre-clinical and clinical studies, registration, and product launch. “Certainly, we are excited to see our patented technology being positioned to help Canadian physicians and their patients. We are keen on collaborating with Verity Pharma as an important step forward to expand our global presence by entering into this market with new opportunities.” – Berta Ponsati, CEO GP Pharm


About Verity Pharma

Verity Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on providing therapeutically relevant agents to the Canadian healthcare community. Our mission is to provide access to prescription products that are in short supply or have not yet been made available in Canada. Zeulide Depot™ is just one of a number of important Verity product launches planned for 2019.